Why us

Through small group fitness classes, here at IFW we work on not only challenging your body’s but also your minds! In addition to our fitness classes, we will help you create realistic and achievable goals utilising the Body4Life programme (available for members only), and as a result you will be able to sustain these healthy choices LONG TERM, ultimately making a positive lifestyle change!

We will support you to work to YOUR 100%, teaching correct technique which will ensure you get the very best out of every workout. By providing a safe, non judgmental, empowering and absolute kick ass vibe to help you along the way!


“To empower and lead you to a sustainable balanced lifestyle that you have power over, by providing you with the tools and support daily, creating confidence and knowledge, being the inspiration to your motivation”

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We offer membership options for those who enjoy the group training environment, and in addition to this you will be surrounded by like minded people who to, are on their journey to a balanced lifestyle. AND above all you will have FUN!!

  • Ongoing support from fully qualified coaches
  • Access to the 12 week Body4life programme at no additional cost (Saving of $500)
  • Quarterly fitness testing
  • Access to workouts via the workout library to do at your convenience
  • Access to gyms worldwide through the debit success programme for when you are travelling (Subject to availability in that country)
  • Monthly challenges
  • Members only fb group
  • Fitness classes available Evenings and weekends – Rain or shine we train!

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“The inspiration to your motivation”

“We journey together”